Love & Chaos
Created by - Ruby Harris
Edited by - Nadia Darby
Music by - Hun Lynch

You can't have a full life without the chaos which is the suffering & the beauty, the love and the fear. These are some moments you might forget in the times you don't love the world.

Thanks - Conan Hayes, Matt Hurley, Freya Morgan, Mapu Walsh, Zoe Dunster, Mukuka Musowa, Ola Szukiel, Gabriella Brayne, Timmie Cameron, Eva Jenkin, Raphael Roake & Mitchell Innes
Meraki Athleisure 15”
Directed & Produced by: Ruby Harris
Shot by: Warren Rodricks
Edited by: Nadia Darby
Music by: Nashoba Addai

Performance by: Lisa Chamussy & Gabriella Brayne

Pet Day - Short Drama 
Written and Directed by Ruby Harris
Produced by Stephanie Escalante

Two horse-loving best friends are confused by Daisy's step-dads emotional reaction when she brings home a gift from her teacher.

Interview with Māori TV
Photo Series on Viva
Re; News Growing up on horseback

Triple Scoop - Short Drama
Directed, Produced and Written by Ruby Harris

Triple Scoop is a cheeky, light hearted and nostalgic film following two enterprising nine year old girls after school.

NZ premiere at NZIFF 2020
Screened at KUKI Young Short Film Festival Berlin 2021

Vanessa Worm, Bones and Blood - Music Video
Directed by Conan Hayes & Ruby Harris
Song by Vanessa Worm
Costume by Laura Monaghan
Edited by Nadia Darby
Color Grade by Oscar Keys

A visual exploration of your wairua (spirit) and embracing your inner strength despite feeling isolated. Performer Conan Hayes and  Co-Director Ruby Harris collaborated to create a video which explores your wildest fantasies in rural cold Aotearoa.

Call Edith - Short Documentary 
Directed by Ruby Harris
Produced by Gabriella Brayne

This is a collaborative documentary on photographer and teacher Edith Amituanai supported by Creative Henderson Massey. Edith is working in collaboration with a year 10 art class at Waitakere College. Inspired by artist Julian Wearing they are creating masks then recording confessions in them.
The film is an insight into Edith’s work teaching, photographing and inspiring youth.

Screened at Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2022