Bones & Blood

Music Video for Vanessa Worm

Directed by Conan Hayes & Ruby Harris
DOP Ruby Harris
Performance Conan Hayes
Costume Designer Laura Monaghan
Edited by Nadia Darby
Colorist Oscar Keys

A visual exploration of your wairua (spirit) and embracing your inner strength despite feeling isolated. Performer Conan Hayes and Director Ruby Harris collaborated to create a video which explores your wildest fantasies in rural cold Aotearoa. Filmed in the middle of winter in Ōtepoti, Conan, Ruby and Vanessa’s hometown. It was a performance against the elements with snow on the hills and sleet between takes. It is a conversation on the balance between yourself and your shadows trying to find a way to feel whole. Reflecting Vanessa Worms lyrics ‘an energy reflecting in me through me, being free’. ‘Allow your dreams and fantasies to play out freely in this reality. Even against that strong wind. Towards that relentless pull. Don’t run away from it next time. Bring it out in the open. In the air. In the water. In the dirt. Get to know your shadow, the black fabric that floats behind you and feel it when it grips back’ performer and director Conan Hayes says about the performance.